Patterns & Abstractions

Patterns and Abstractions My central architectural pattern of choice is CQRS. Commands Actions that change something and return nothing public interface ICommandHandler<TCommand> where TCommand : ICommand { void Run(TCommand command); } Queries Actions that return something and change nothing public interface IQuery<TResult> { } public interface IQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> where TQuery : IQuery<TResult> { TResult Execute(TQuery query); } Mediators A combination… Read more →

Debug IIS/global.asax within Visual Studio

Taken from this SO answer You may create a post-build event which changes the timestamp of a web.config file. I used a touch.exe tool from You also need to set the “Run the post-build event” to Always. With this option set anytime you start the debugger, web.config timestamp is getting updated causing application (thus IIS pool) restart on the… Read more →